Carty Rentals has been a family owned and operated business for 49 years!!



Tim Carty is the son of the late Ed and Madonna Carty, founders of Carty Rentals, and the brother of the late John Carty, Manager until his passing. He is currently part owner with other members of the Carty Family and Manager. He graduated with a Bachlors in Business from Ohio Northern University and has worked as the Manager of Shamrock Condos and Studios for many years until taking on aditional responsibilites as Manager of Carty Rentals.

Emily Carty is the granddaughter of the late Ed and Madonna Carty and daughter of the late John Carty. She worked closly with John for 3 years learning the business while working on her Bachlors of Business at Bowling Green State University. After John's passing, she assumed a management role along with Tim and together they have continued to operate Carty Rentals and improve an already strongly established business. She has plans to graduate from BGSU in the spring of 2019 and continue on to law school while also continuing to manage Carty Rentals.

Additional Office Staff:

Jaci Gaines is a new and very friendly face in the office.  She often covers the desk when Emily or Tim are unavailable and she often takes mesages for them if there are any questions or concerns.  She also shows units and may be the face you meet with to tour an apartment.


Brad Bechstein has worked with Carty Rentals for 7 years doing maintainence on the properties. He is skilled in many different areas of maintainence including electrical and drywall and does a wonderful job updating the properties.  He is also extremely friendly and knowledgable. 

Tyler Mukula has worked with Carty Rentals for 3 years doing miscilanious maintainence and cleaning.  He is also super friendly. Between Brad and Tyler, our maintainence is very well handled.

Other Important Information about us:

All our houses legally allow over 3 on a lease because we have owned them for so long.

Most of our properties are located within walking distance of BGSU Campus and Downtown Bowling Green.

Our office is located at 316 E. Merry, Apt 10 (right out front), close to many of the properties incase there are any problems; we are very easy to contact.


Give Carty Rentals a Call: 419-353-0325 or

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