Carty Rentals Security

Carty Rental Units have deadbolts on all door entrys. These need a key to lock or unlock resulting in much better security and minimizes lock outs. 

(You must have a key to lock unit when you leave) 

Of course all patio doors and windows have locks and most ground floors have hinged pivot blocks for enforced security.

Although Carty Rentals re-keys or rotates locks after each resident. Carty Rentals has recently started to implement a more restricted system where key blanks can only be purchased through an out of town company.  We feel this will make security tighter yet, knowing no one can find a blank to re-key your lock.

(DO NOT DUPLICATE key blanks are great but there still is some question there)

This more restricted system is not on all units yet. If you feel this system is something you strongly need, please inquire.  Arrangements can be made.

We do except Credit Cards at non-discounted rent amounts and are PCI Approved by proper Authorities (Certificate in office).

Also we have taken proper actions including safe in office for secuity and crosscut shredder in our office and shred any and all important information given to Carty Rentals, after no longer needed. (Applications & etc.)



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